Polar Vortex


Polar Vortex is the first in a series of suspended form / structures made from laser cut and bolted 'bean' shaped parts. The finish is a gloss opalescent white auto motive lacquer, which provides a beautiful reflective luster. The spiral like form twists out from the interior, and must be seen in motion to fully appreciate. 

This piece is best suited for a high ceiling atrium, entry, or lobby, and would likely be retrofitted to include an interior lighting component. 

The resulting shadow play on all surrounding walls is captivating.

If interested, please request a video to be emailed showing it quietly turning.

Recently exhibited at The Jamestown Art Center, Jamestown RI, and is currently on view at The Newport Art Museum, Newport, RI.

Steel, stainless bolts, lacquer

Approximately 44 "x 36" x 37"