About Otiiko

Otiiko is for you: when you need a very special gift for a very special person. One which will last a lifetime, provide some good whimsical humor, and do so while providing delightful functional moments for years to come.


These products have had a very long life in the market place, originally marketed under the TROY label and distributed widely across the USA. The collection has received numerous awards, garnering the coveted Best Overall Design Award at Accent on Design in New York when first introduced to the gift show in 1995. Articles that featured the collection appeared in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Providence Journal, Interior Design Magazine, and many more.

All the products are based on original carvings by Peter Diepenbrock, cast in bronze using the lost wax method, and pewter, using the spin casting method, all produced right here in Rhode Island.


Providing these gift products to the general market place brings a bit of joy each time we pack one up. These sculptural objects have been cherished by thousands of customers for over three decades, yet production did take a back seat to my large projects for quite some time, and are now being given some proper attention, with this new release of some of the most popular designs. Newest in the group is the dark oxidized Whale Tail (non functional), and the bemused Little Nemo candle holder.

Many Thanks!

Peter Diepenbrock