WELCOME! I am thrilled to share with you my very first on line gallery: The Otiiko Collection. My name is Peter Diepenbrock, a full time practicing artist and designer based in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Together with my wife of 35 years, Didi Suydam (www.didisuydam.com) we have been full time self employed studio artists, committed to producing exclusively original works of art and design, held to the highest standards of creative excellence. We both graduated from The Rhode Island School of design, and our respective studios have been open for business since 1986.

I have organized this site according to one simple premise: offer for sale the entire range of my existing works of art, no matter the function, category, size, or price, and show the works from the lowest to the highest price. The work is here on hand in either our home studio or in our local gallery, Didi Suydam Contemporary. Most any of these objects can be shipped with in one week, or, can be reproduced depending on certain criteria. For custom commission work please be sure to view my Primary Portfolio site (Link Below) Custom variations make up a very large part of my practice, so don't be shy. Call me.

A significant part of my practice is focussed on large scale public art projects with relatively long project cycles, but most of the work included here are more personal, spontaneous, and explorative mid scale, studio works completed when time allows.  

In my opinion, there is no real value distinction between an object based on price or size providing it is made to the highest standard of creative excellence. So a Dinobite selling for 60.00 is no less capable of making a new owner happy for years, as will one who purchases a nine foot garden sculpture. I am an extremely prolific artist, and experiment across several categories, methodologies, materials, and market places. Here you can see how some of these concepts develop, including small study models, mid scale works, to large out door features, and perhaps find one that speaks to you.

For a more comprehensive portfolio viewing please see my primary site: www.peterdiepenbrock.com which features my large sculpture installations in public, private, and sacred spaces, studio and work site images, drawings, models, and more.

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We are here and eager to hear from you. If you would like to receive a larger image, or have additional shots sent to you, or have questions about anything you see, just call or email.

Thanks for swinging by!

Peter Diepenbrock


Please see the article 'Metal Winner' by clicking the cover.

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