Commission Totem II


IGNORE THAT PRICE Many projects start well below that number.

COMMISSIONS are WELCOME ! This is not true for many artists, but in my case, I thrive on them. I love meeting you, exploring the process, discussing the possibilities, designing entirely new pieces, and of course, building the work. So don't be shy: Call Me. 

I often compare the process of commissioning sculpture, to the process of hiring an architect to design and oversee the construction of a home. It is a logical progression from very general design concerns and criteria, to a highly specific final completion of the house. Only, with sculpture, it is a great deal simpler. The process is very tangible and follows a simple progression that goes something like this:

  1. You get excited about having a custom piece made for you.
  2. You carefully review my portfolio site and find some favorite forms, colors, or techniques.
  3. Visit for the complete portfolio review: see the link below.
  4. You have a site, or some optional sites in mind, or are open to suggestions.
  5. You call me. I learn about you, and your thoughts on the project.
  6. We discuss budget, size, variables, (smaller interior commissions can start at 5000)
  7. I ask for a drawing and design fee (scope dependent)
  8. I ask questions, visit when needed, sketch, think, model make, sketch some more, then
  9. I produce a proposal that includes costing, terms, scheduling etc. 
  10. We confirm costing and logistics
  11. If my proposal meets with your approval, we get started with a  50% deposit.
  12. I build the piece (8-16 weeks)
  13. Progress payment 25%
  14. I detail and complete the piece.
  15. Final payment is due 25%
  16. The shipping is arranged under a separate agreement.
  17. The site is prepared as needed.
  18. The work is delivered.
  19. The work is installed. (sometimes with your local contractor or crew, with my guidance and technical assistance)
  20. Finito!