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Creative Chaos: The studio January 15 2016, 1 Comment

The work Bench

Studios tend to be messy places. Scraps of metal, tools in chaotic disarray, jigs, parts, pieces, all swirling toward some higher purpose. Welcome! 

The tone and thematic focus of this blog will follow the meandering course of what ever is transpiring in the creative studios of Peter Diepenbrock. You will see the various stages of projects as they evolve from concept to creation, with occasional excursions into the creative worlds of other dynamic artists working in the Rhode Island Region.

We will also be featuring new additions to the Otiiko Collection as they become available. It is worth noting that special variations of most of these pieces can be created as custom commissions. Something may be of great interest to you, but may be either too small, too large, or perhaps made in a color or material that does not suit your aesthetic world. Let me know your thoughts. 

Let the adventures begin.