Totem III


Totem III is fabricated in mild steel shown with an oxidized finish. Though this is shown outdoors, I envision the ideal placement for this piece to be in a clean modern interior, against a clean white or neutral wall. These photos were just taken (1/6/16) and show the slightly rough condition of the current surface. Before shipping, this finish would be carefully wire brushed to remove the scaling of the original polyurethane finish. Once cleaned, an oil finish would be used to seal the metal.

Totem III has an nearly identical twin, (Totem II) which was commissioned in stainless steel, and currently resides pool side in an elegant garden setting in South Carolina.

12' h x 12"w x 12"d

Round Base plate is 24" in diameter. Square base plate is 42" x 42" x 1/2"

Mild steel